Wildling performs at the Cave last year. (Photo: Stephanie Mace '17)

Last February, the Cave opened in Marks basement as a new concert and performance venue at CMC. This Friday, the Cave will hold its first event of the semester: an open mic night featuring music, spoken word, singing, and “maybe even magic,” according to the Facebook event page. The event was organized by the CMC Art Council.

Art Council Co-President Kris Brackmann ’17 said that the Cave was renovated this summer, making the space larger and providing room for bigger audiences. The CMC Art Council has also grown, which Brackmann hopes will allow the group to continue organizing a variety of events while they develop more of a presence on campus.

“We’ve hosted a lot of open mics in the past and they are always really well attended with a lot of great spoken word and musical performances,” Brackmann said. “We have many more members this year than we have in the last few years, many of which are excited freshmen, and this speaks a lot to how much the Art Council has grown.”

The Cave represents a response to a lack of creative spaces on campus, as many musicians found practice rooms at other colleges inaccessible. After writing “CMC’s Stifled Musicians,” arguing that “art is not a priority at CMC,” Phillip Pennell ’16 began working towards opening the Cave. Pennell received a $10,000 grant from the President’s Fund, which he used to purchase equipment for all CMC students to use after they undergo an orientation for the space.

However, the Cave provides more than just a rehearsal space and a concert venue. Elliot Warner ’18, another Art Council member, looks forward to spreading slam poetry on the CMC campus through the Cave space. Warner is also involved in 5C Slam, a new 5C poetry club that hopes to send student poets to compete at the college slam nationals in April. 5C Slam is holding its first meeting of the semester in the Cave this Saturday from 4-7pm.

“I was drawn to slam poetry because it was a space, a rare space, where I could be thoughtful and, at times, painfully honest with myself. To be able to share that with people, maybe even speak for someone who may not know how to say what they feel, who might be grasping for an idea just out of reach, is a gift,” Warner said.

The spoken word portion of the open mic night will begin at 8:30pm and music will start at 9:30pm. You can sign up to perform at the open mic here.