The third ASCMC Executive Board meeting of the fall semester recapped the funding request from the Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy, debated a potential events calendar for CMC students, and discussed the CPB’s partner request.  

The CJLPP returned from last week’s meeting with a revised budget and new specified funding amount. As the Board members had made it clear that they were not willing to fund printing costs, the club adjusted its budget accordingly, asking for a total of $2,340. After reminding the group of the club’s 5C breakdown among a total of 51 members, 29 of which are from Pomona and 15 to 16 from CMC, the CJLPP members also mentioned that they took the Board’s advice into consideration and are working to advertise the CJLPP in order to reach a larger audience. They are hoping to turn the best blog post each month into targeted Facebook ads, thus increasing user traffic.

After deliberation, the Board passed a motion to fund $800 of the $2,240 requested by the CJLPP, agreeing the money would go towards events, activities, and snacks.

Campus Improvement Committee Chair Biniyam Asnake ’20 presented his idea to create a combined calendar of events for the student body. Vice President of Student Activities Chandler Koon ’19 explained that while this idea was helpful in theory, it could backfire because events are shuffled around so often. “The concern is basically that if we release these tentative dates, and people have their friends book flights for that weekend and then things are shifted, they’re likely to be mad at ASCMC,” Koon said. “Debatably, they would be more mad than if we hadn’t released those dates in the first place.”   

Jessica Winssinger ’18, ASCMC Presidential Advisor, noted that if the calendar were to be included on the ASCMC website, it might help increase user traffic. President Pro Tempore Thomas Schalke ’18 also added that if the calendar were made into a Google calendar, more of the student body would be aware of upcoming event dates – even if merely tentative. The Board thus agreed that the calendar would be an important topic of thought that required further discussion to finalize a decision.

The Board also discussed CPB’s request to plan a trip for students to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Nov. 3. When asked to present on the request, Koon opted out of projecting the email and instead drew CPB’s proposal on the whiteboard, sparking laughter from the group.

Koon explained that CPB booked and paid for a round-trip bus, and purchased 16 tickets. The group has asked ASCMC for $840 in order to fund another 14 tickets to make a total of 30 seats available for students.

Amid deliberation on whether or not to support CPB’s partner request, RA Liaison Caroline Peck ’18 said to the Board, “What people think of ASCMC and how we are perceived is in big part [a result of] the kinds of things we support.” The Board agreed that this opportunity would be a great way to begin projecting excursions related to art and culture for CMC students. The Board decided to table this request for further discussion at next week’s meeting.

The meeting concluded with Schalke asking all first-year candidates for the Class of 2021 President position to remain afterward for the informational session. Elections will be held Tuesday, Sept. 26.