Hey CMCers! Need to get off campus already? Dining hall food just not doing it for you? Check out the newest addition to the Claremont Village: Poke Dot! The restaurant opened this past weekend—and it’s definitely worth visiting. Poke Dot is located at 175 N. Indian Hill Boulevard, Suite B101A, in the same complex as the Laemmle theatre and Jamba Juice.

“Poke” (pronounced “po-kay”) translates to “cut” or “slice.” It’s a traditional Hawaiian dish made up of both raw and cooked seafood. Typically, it’s made with ahi tuna, salmon, or some other fish. For those of you familiar with sushi, it’s similar to a sashimi salad. Poke bowls must always have very fresh ingredients, and they are a great option for an alternate source of protein. They do have raw fish, though, so if that grosses you out, then Poke Dot probably isn’t the place for you.

Now for how it works: think of a Chipotle-style restaurant where you start with a bowl or burrito—in this case a bowl or a wrap—and move down the line! The options here, however, are a little more varied than Chipotle. Start by picking rice or salad. Then, choose a base (avocado, cucumber, crab meat), a protein (salmon, tuna, albacore, yellowtail), a seasoning (a soy-based house sauce, spicy mayo) and toppings which range from sesame seeds to mango. I listed a few options to give you a general idea of the offerings, but there are over 20 ingredients that you can add to your meal.

The manager and owner are both Claremont High alums and have been working to bring this location to life for five months. The prices are similar to Chipotle as well, with a large bowl going for $10. Keep in mind that this includes unlimited toppings and no extra charge for avocado.This place is super fast, super fun, and super fresh, so give it a try and head to Poke Dot in the Village!