After WOA! and 6:01 it seems as though our community truly comes together. Beneath the depths of instagram pictures of Santa Barbara surfing and solo cup littered Green beach though there lie a few dormant posts that many of us would like to forget. These status updates and questions were some of our first interactions with the CMC community, and they are all too revealing of the confused state freshman find themselves in during their first few months of cawledge. Perhaps it’s time to take a trip into your own ‘CMC Admitted Class of ____’ group page, or be reminded of the common problems we used to struggle with every day.

So are the dorm rooms just walls and a floor? 



 She’s just looking for a friend



Copies are illegal



Overly enthusiastic freshman


Lucky for us though, long after we make our own mistakes, we get to watch as new students come in, unfortunately get on Facebook, and make their own.