Update: The new CMC Board of Trustees Chair, David Mgrublian (who has overseen campus renovations as Chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee), gave the following comments on the design and installation of the maps:

“The maps were created over the past year by designers Dan Gallagher and Steve Manka of Gallagher Projects with the needs of visitors (e.g. prospective students, Career Services recruiters, Ath speakers and guests) unfamiliar with our campus primarily in mind.  As a result, bold clear graphics were key, as well as a ‘You Are Here’ mark to help visitors get oriented.  We also color coded various precincts by use to also assist visitors. The maps will be placed in cor-ten steel directories located key entry points visitors would access our campus: Kravis Center, the Athenaeum at 8th Street and Amherst, Roberts Pavilion, the Bauer parking lot, Mills and 9th Street, and the 9th Street entrance to the Emett Student Center.  The directories will be internally lit so the maps are visible at night.”


Claremont McKenna College is currently in the process of updating and adding new maps and signage around campus. You may have noticed the rectangular brown signs that have already been installed at the entrances to the South and Bauer lots. In addition to signs denoting parking on campus, several backlit displays have been set up which will hold versions of the maps shown below. The displays will be located at the north edge of campus (between Boswell Hall and the Bauer Center), west (at the Kravis Center, next to the Office of Admissions), directly south of the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum courtyard, and eventually by the entrance to the Roberts Pavilion.

CMC Plan Map (Cropped)CMC Perspective Map (Cropped)

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