The Class of 2018 graduated Saturday with great celebration, inspiration from the Managing Director of International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde, and a tear-jerking speech by Isabel Lilles ’18. Along with all the academic achievements (including an all-women summa cum laude lineup!) and athletic achievements (congratulations to Athena Golf and Volleyball!), there are a few important achievements that are voted on every year. Here are this year’s Senior Superlatives!

Compiled by Daniel Ludlam ’18

Most likely to be President
Mickey McFall
Melissa Muller 
Daniel Ludlam

Most likely to win a Nobel Prize

Lauren D Souza
Vanessa Gill
Tim de Silva
Most likely to cure cancer
Clare Dawson
Madison Lodge
Devin Cavero
Most likely to have their own reality TV show
Kate Layman, Abby Schantz, Caroline Chmiel, and Becca Zimmerman
Ashley Mackerchuk, Lorea Gwo, Isabella Lewis, and Andrea Fiechter
Most likely to be the next Mark Zuckerberg
Jasen Choi
Julia McCarthy
Most likely to be the next John Faranda
James Bilko
Desmond Goetomo
Most likely to force their child(ren) to attend CMC
Campbell Streator
Katherine Daifotis
Brian Chmelik
Most likely to donate the Kube II
Geno Quaid
Asher Weiss
Tyler Dean
Most likely to prank Pomona College
Jackson Smith
Sydney Smith
Most likely to become a CMC professor
Becca Zimmerman
Wesley Whitaker
Most likely to speak at the Athenaeum
Brian Landeros
Isabel Lilles
Most likely to come back for every TNC and Saturday Party
John O’Malley
Matt Shuman
Most likely to make any party lit
Mariah Rigg
Phill Reid
Jerry Li
Most likely to host Pirate Party in their city next year
Issy Kelly
Laura Reifsnyder
Most likely to host Monte Carlo in their city nex year
Joey Yamada
Austin Gosch
Most likely to suggest pong for their first work bonding event
Jack Ely
Eli Etzioni
Most likely to get accepted to Hogwarts
Nick Obrand
Indira Sanchez
Cheryl Smith
Most likely to survive the Hunger Games
Maia Adar
Lauren Dorsey
Dafna Bimstein
Most likely to resist the One Ring
Michael Scarlett
Henry DeRuff
Most likely to drive to class
Lauren Mounts
Most likely to be at the library
Rowan Mulligan
Shirley Jiang
Most likely to fall asleep during their own wedding
Eric Millman
Brina Jablonski
Most likely to brighten your day
Jo Carmany
Elaine Wang
Ellen Lempres
Best Eyes
Alex Mitchell
Christian Rafla
Suvena Yerneni
Erin Tully and Bria Smith
Best Hair
Aiyanna Cameron-Lewis
Zoe King
Max Jorgensen
Best Smile
Latisha Shah
Izzy Mendiola
Ravi Shah
Best Laugh
Danyon Anderson
Katie Hill
Best Fashion Sense
Amy Wu
Kyla Eastling
Kai Kellerman
Best Sense of Humor
Samuel Peterson
Alexia Lipman
Katie Hill
Biggest Heartthrob/Swipe Right
Kendall Greenberg
Trey Smith
Biggest Flirt
Reid Dickerson
Chloe Rodman
Brendan Busch
Christina Yoh
Brianna Munoz
Grace Bailey
Emily Segal
Jess Gaffney
Most Loyal
Suvena Yerneni
Breanna Sewell
Evelyn Mittler
Most Underrated
Shruti Topudurti
Tarah Gilbreth
Sebastian He
Jack Segal
Kristyne Hong
Best Facebook Posts
Daniel Ludlam
Best Instagram
Brendan MacDonald
Cathy Ye
King and Queen of Poppa
Asher Greenberg
Vera Armus
Kings of Ryal
Mo Batal
Joey Malegesini
King and Queens of Roberts
Chris Czeisla
Shelbi Stein
Ellen Berkley
Class Clowns
Jackson Smith
Krista de la Torre
Wish you knew them better
Lizzie Carrade
Mira Liu
Camille Zelinger
Kendrick Morris
Wish they could have been your WOA leader
Liz Harder
Dean Sagafi
Biggest Bromance
Patrick Quarberg, Sam Peterson, Bailey Albright, Elliot Warner, Campbell Streator, Eric Millman, Nick Obrand, Varun Dhananjaya, Devin Cavero, Dean Sagafi, Reid Dickerson, Christian Rafla, Ammar Karmali, Jack Segal, and Shivaan Seth
Best Group of Gal Pals
Aarushi Tibrewala, Christina Yoh, Cristina Lee, Phoebe Shum, and Ally Cheng
Cutest couple that never was
Marcia Yang and Cheryl Smith
Thomas Schalke and Teagan Stewart
Best Couple
Cristina Lee and Ryan Sung
Mr. and Mrs. CMC
Brendan MacDonald
Claire Klein