Every year, The Forum asks graduating seniors to reflect on their time at Claremont and write a memoir. The catch? It has to be six words or less. Some responses are funny, some are sweet, and most allude to stories and experiences only some people will understand. The result is a jumble of nostalgic quotes that will probably make some of you cry in 20 years.

Here are the memoirs from the class of 2017:

Yeah I’m down, let’s do it
Aileen Dinh

Would rather be dancing
Alejandra Vazquez Baur

Work hard, play hard, smile often
Alex Brenner

A good worker; a bad anarchist.
Alex Lombardo

Let’s go to 21 choices
Alice Bishop

Putting corn dog snack in GCal
Anna Zimmerman

What is sleep?
Anoush Baghdassarian

I preferred The Bubble to Roberts
Anthony Bosshardt

Social Justice Warriors have ruined CMC.
Anthony Ribal

Ash send me to Chinese farm
Ariel Rubin

Always live near a donut shop
Austin Melody

Okay, what should I caption this?
Aviva Bhansal

Not on duty, not my problem
Calla Cameron

Real G’s movein Silence like Lasagna
Cam Van

Joined a cult, has no regrets
Caroline Willian

Claremont McKenna College is still racist
Casey Garcelon

Catch me on stage at OMAS
Chantal Evett

I ruined your senior year #aptz
Chloe Zagrodzky

Fourth Dimension Grind / Power Moves Only

Cole Mora

Is there champagne at this event?
Dina Aluzri

Did you buy your tickets yet?
Elaine Sohng

Chick-fil-A for dinner anyone?
Eugene Nandwa

tofu hotdogs are good i swear
Francesca Hidalgo

Hey guys, come to my performance!
Grace Stewart

Hi I’m Griffin, wanna play sports?
Griffin Ferre

Whatever you do, go all in
Haley Goodman

Communism’s easy when daddy is paying
Hannah Bottum

B+ student, B– person
Helen Seligman

Cruising down Cramer on my skateboard
Jack Gerstenberger

Reading on the stationary bike is lit
Jen Vaccaro

Looking for a mind at work
Jenny Cang

Wait, let me get a snack!
Jessica Ng

Honestly, what even is a memoir
Joanne Jia

From Siamese to Matrimonies- Jonah Dewald
Jonah Breslow

Make CMC Árbol Verde Again.
Jordan Bosiljevac

All I did was eat @livinlavidacomida
Julia Blanco

But the REC has triple screens!
Katherine Krey

Lots of science, but more laughter.
Kennedy Holland

Can you play Peanut Butter Jelly?
Kevin Wolfson

Ask me how I got tonsillitis
Khadijah Omerdin

Did you know I like sports?
Kris Brackmann

Plan for tomorrow, party tonight.
Kristen Muñoz

Aaaaariba, abajo, al centro, pa dentro
Larissa Chern

Does anyone want to get froyo?
Laynee Laube

Find me at the Sahara Tent
Leili Azarbarzin

So CMC I moved to Scripps
Liat Kaplan

I cannot believe it’s over already
Libby Ramsey

Yes, I will cook you dinner
Lindsay Slocum

show show show show show show
Lucas Owan

Sorry I was napping
Luke Horton

Mac Abdi

Never regretted going to bed early
Makella Brems

My name is Malika, not Alisha
Malika Dhalla

Every single year I win EuroTrash
Matthieu Hafemeister

Have you guys seen my ID?
Max Breitbarth

Covered my bases, found my groups
Michael Boggess

Can the yearbook be my thesis?
Micky Ferguson

There’s trustee wine here somewhere…
Naina Mullick

Wait, what? I’m confused.
Natalie Green

Fifa? I’ll be there in five.
Nedim Filipovic

I’ll make a great trophy husband.
Nicky Blumm

So who’s coming to TNR tonight?
Oliver Mausner

Silver linings found only with friends
Parker Mallchok

I can probably tape that up
Patrick Dixon

Sponsored by the Kravis Leadership Institute
Pema Donyo

still waiting on that champagne, Cole.
Phil Jauregui

No, I don’t go to Mudd.
Rachel Lee

Shirts are a social construct
Sam Firth

Poppa/Ath Tea: where I be
Sanjana Sankaran

Not Katelyn Faust. Yep, I’m sure.
Sara-Rose Bockian

Who’s going to the Ath tonight?
Sarah Sanbar

Hi, I’m Sarah. I do science.
Sarah Williams

Wait, let’s take a pic first.
Sharon Chiang

Can we get some hot Cheetos?
Sherin Zadah

How does one dress business casual?
Shravni Ramkumar

Danced a lot; Learned a little
Siddharth Mandava

in life, always take creative risks
Stephanie Doi

You can multiply naps by two!
Steven Hung

You can find me downtown
Taylor Kain-Godoy

True revolution is in the mind.
Taylor Lemmons

Right before you fall…don’t! – GunshowBob
Tiger Brown

A long road to reformed townie
Tim Plummer

Yes, I actually sleep. Sometimes.
Tony Sidhom

Frary for brunch?
Tram Bui

My Left Stroke Just Went Viral
Trey Reynolds

First and last Chief of Staff
Tyler Finn

The real adventure starts now, Inshallah
Umar Farooq

Can’t, I have a SOURCE meeting!
Vanessa Liu

Claremont, Paris, D.C.; They made me.
Veda Beltran

Venti Iced Coffee, Sweetened, with Cream
Victor Lopez

You say it like a V.
Weronika Konwent