After a short hiatus last week, Executive Board passed several motions regarding next year’s budget allocations, discussed funding for a club associated with InterVarsity, and prepared for Pirate Party.

One of the longest discussions centered around reimbursing the shipping costs of Green Dorm’s tanks and pint glasses, totaling $197. ASCMC spends some of the dorm budget on events to bring residents closer to one another, but does not subsidize apparel. Tony Sidhom ’17, the president of Green, said he was requesting reimbursement because he was told that shipping would be subsidized by ASCMC. However, Dormitory Affairs Chair Josh Guggenheim ’19 said that the large cost of shipping warranted a reconsideration and questioned where we draw the line for reimbursing shipping and products. Former ASCMC President Nicky Blumm ’17 pitched in to voice concern about the precedent granting this request would set, and said that the point of the dorm fund was not to buy merchandise that the students would keep. The request was tabled and Sidhom was directed to ask DOS for reimbursements, and return if they were unable to fulfill it.

Another topic of debate was 5C InterVarsity, the Christian Fellowship Club of the Claremont Colleges. The club, formerly known as 3CIV, is a chapter of the national organization InterVarsity (IV), which has been criticized for its open rejection of gay and lesbian staff members. Exec Board questioned whether the national organization’s sponsorship was necessary at the Claremont Colleges, with some voicing the opinion that “disaffiliating with IV would strengthen the Christian community in Claremont.” On the other hand, Class of 2018 President Daniel Ludlam ’18 pointed out that the club had done a lot to be a warm and welcoming space for queer people of faith, and stood in defiance of IV’s explicitly discriminatory stance. Ludlam said that having Claremont students at IV conferences would bring these interpretations of scripture to the marketplace of ideas outside the Claremont bubble. However, Executive Vice President Patrick Elliott ’19 pointed out that changing the entire community could not be a stipulation to ASCMC’s support of the club. The issue was tabled for further consideration at a later point.

Vice President of Student Affairs Chandler Koon ’19 updated the Board on funding for Pirate Party, which will be held Saturday. The other four colleges have either granted funding requests or will likely do so proportional to how many students from that campus are predicted to attend. The budget for this event is slightly higher than last year’s, with more inflatables and tables for pong. Additionally, for two hours in the middle of the party, ASCMC will not release any new kegs in an attempt to keep things stable.

Next year’s budget was proposed and amended to add about $3,000 more to Wedding Party’s allocated funds. No motion was passed on Neon Party’s retroactive funding request, as ASCMC had funded Pitzer’s SAC Birthday Party that took place on the same day. Both the Claremont Women’s Rugby team and Harvey Mudd’s Slippery When Wet requests were funded in full. Campus Organizations Chair Chloe Amarilla ’19 presented club fund allocations greater than $500; Exec Board approved of the new budgets.

In recaps, Ludlam said that room draw went extremely well, as the last single went to the last student. Diversity and Inclusion Chair Maya Love ’20 said that Friday was the first D&I event which ran rather smoothly, and the committee is looking to put out information about Cinco de Mayo.

CFO Whit Lippincott ’19 reminded everyone that reimbursements for clubs will only be accepted until April 30 at 11:59 p.m.