Kelsey Gohn ’16 was another winner of the Inauguration Prize Competition. She won the prize for “best visual arts” piece with a conceptual sculpture, pictured below. Gohn told the Forum about her piece and what inspired her to make it, and shared her artist’s statement:

“I choose to create this piece because I really liked the open ended nature of the Inauguration Prize Competition. It inspired me to challenge myself to create a piece that was outside the “traditional” bounds of art. I was really hoping to literally bring art to CMC’s campus by placing it out in the open. Throughout the day when it was displayed, I sat in the cube and I really enjoyed watching people stop and try to figure out what it was. To me, this piece was my chance to share my love of concept art with CMC and hopefully inspire others. 

“I created a conceptual sculpture to illustrate different dimensions and connections that take place during the decision making process.  I was inspired by the theme, “The Art and Science of Decision Making.” We face many decisions each day that vary in magnitude and importance. While we allocate great consideration to some, many of our decisions are made without thought. Our decisions are not isolated. Solutions stem from previous experience and knowledge and if we choose to evaluate our solutions, we must do so from different perspectives and angles to select the best for the situation.

“I selected to use campus as my canvas because I wanted to create an environment so that the CMC community could interact with the piece, but also to symbolize the presence that decisions have in our daily routines.  With this canvas, I drew an atypical sculpture.  I wanted to symbolize how we draw connections between the levels of information we are provided, but also how the connections take place outside the “space” of the decision.

“I wanted to create a three dimensional piece, but I desired to reflect a different dimension of decision-making and an opportunity for interaction with the piece. When viewed above from a Kravis Center balcony, I created a design to demonstrate the intersections of our connections.”