Sami Malas ‘ 19 President


Sami Malas is a sophomore, Economics-Engineering (3-2) major who is ethnically Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese but born in Washington, DC. He spent a majority of his life overseas in Cairo, New Delhi and Dubai leading him to fear the question  “where are you from.” In the free time that he has, Sami enjoys TV shows, movies, music, playing video games, going out with friends, working out and baking. As president, he hopes to make the ASCMC Executive Board something that people respect and trust, a body that meets the needs of all students and ensures their success and happiness as members of our community. Sami wants to maintain transparency while making ASCMC, “do more student government things.” He hopes that all students can feel comfortable approaching him with ideas, criticisms, suggestions, advice or even just a hug.

Patrick Jamal Elliott ’19 Executive Vice President


Patrick Jamal Elliott is a Government, Philosophy, & Public Affairs major from Chicago, Illinois. Outside of ASCMC, he’s a Research Assistant for the Government Department, a Research Fellow for the Mgrublian Center, a Writing Consultant for the CWPD, a Tour Guide for the Admissions Office, a First Year Guide, and an OBSA Mentor. For fun, he is usually playing Injustice (the best video game ever) or listening to Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper. This is Patrick’s third term on ASCMC’s Executive Board, and he hopes to use his institutional knowledge to help hold ASCMC accountable to the student body. This term, he will be working to improve transparency which is why he began the initiative for live streaming Executive Board Meetings and Senate. Patrick will begin to hold Focus Groups to try and keep a constant pulse on student engagement as it relates to ASCMC. He is really excited for another amazing year with ASCMC, and encourages anyone with questions or concerns to reach out to him. ([email protected] or 312-927-6227).

Chandler Koon ’19 Vice President of Student Activities

Koon forum pic

Chandler is a Philosophy and Government major from all over the place (Mississippi, Massachusetts, and, most recently, Cleveland, Ohio). More than anything, he enjoys stories, whether it be in the form of someone explaining parts of their life and how the world has shaped them, movies, the logical warranting of claims through reasoning and consideration for why things happen, or a good song. Chandler wants ASCMC to be more approachable, involve more students, and make all students feel welcome at all ASCMC events and at CMC in general. An interesting fact about Chandler is that he almost exclusively listens to rap music, and consequently rarely DJs ASCMC events, because people get frustrated if someone plays Young MA or Joey Bada$$, despite many people being seemingly down for listening to “Latch” or “It’s Strange” on repeat for 5 hours (he likes those songs and some other music too, but you get the idea). Chandler is down to be friends with literally anyone and hopes that people (especially ones he doesn’t know well) reach out to him if they have any questions, ideas, criticisms, and suggestions for ASCMC events, or if they just want to talk about something. Most importantly, he hopes you have a good one (day, week, year, etc.).

Thomas Schalke ‘18 President Pro-Tempore

Headshot April

Thomas is a junior who is majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Originally Dutch, he was born in Ecuador and raised in Mozambique. In addition to serving as President Pro-Tempore, Thomas is the Secretary General of McKennaMUN, on the MUN team, and a member of the Sexuality and Gender Alliance. His mission as President Pro-Tempore is to make ASCMC as efficient and fair as possible. In his free time, Thomas enjoys writing constitutions, flowcharts, learning foreign languages and playing turn-based strategy video games.

Daniel Ludlam ’18 Class of 2018 President


Daniel Ludlam is a junior at Claremont McKenna majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics & Government. Despite being from Orange County, California, he cannot surf to save his life, but he is a huge fan of Disneyland and Arrested Development. Daniel is a huge Jeopardy! fan, politics nerd, and avid Age of Empires player. At CMC, he is serving as the Class of ‘18 President, working as a Resident Tech Assistant, and participating on the Mock Trial and Debate teams. As Class President, Daniel is ready to throw an unforgettable 200 days, 100 days, Vegas Trip, and more fun Senior programming! He is also looking forward to partnering with Career Services, the Alumni Association, and many others to throw useful events for the entire campus. Above all, Daniel hopes to represent his class with gusto on the Executive Board.

Patrick Hennessey ’19 Class of 2019 President


Patrick Hennessey is a sophomore at Claremont McKenna College pursuing majors in Management-Engineering, Philosophy, and Computer Engineering during his five-year track. Patrick is from Westwood, Massachusetts, a small town just outside of Boston where he spent his childhood playing hockey and meddling with his three little sisters. At CMC, Patrick serves as the Class of 2019 President, the Montgomery Student Manager at the CIE, and the Dormitory President of Crown Hall.  When he’s not working or spending time with friends, you can probably find him in his room jamming out to the latest future bass EDM. Patrick is particularly interested in artificial intelligence and hopes to one day start his own technology company. Patrick is down to earth, approachable, and wants to reshape the role of Junior Class President in new and improved ways. Class of 2019, let’s inhabit the present and live for now!

Bryan Carlen ’20 Class of 2020 President


Bryan is a current first year at Claremont McKenna College. He hails from the Bay Area, growing up in Los Gatos, California. Bryan has a passion for helping people and is still deciding which major will help him do that best. Although being class president keeps Bryan busy, he also is a consultant at SOURCE, an Admissions Tour Guide, a tutor through CCE, and a proud member of the Fitness & Friends club. Bryan is currently obsessed with Big Little Lies, but also enjoys spending time with friends and dancing over-enthusiastically. Bryan’s goals for this term are to increase event attendance, create meaningful class dialogue, and advocate for his class on a larger scale. Bryan loves procrastinating on school work by either spending ridiculous amounts of time at Collins or the Motley, so please reach out if you wanna grab dinner or a coffee!

Whit Lippincott ‘19  Chief Financial Officer


Whit Lippincott is a sophomore majoring in Management-Engineering. Whit was born in Dallas, Texas, but went to high school at a Massachusetts boarding school. In his free time, Whit enjoys watching TV and NFL games, playing fantasy football and video games, and relaxing with friends. As CFO, Whit plans to work to make the reimbursement process more efficient, to better utilize and appropriate the funds of ASCMC, and to make information about the budgeting and reimbursement processes more accessible to the CMC community. If you have any questions you can reach Whit through email at [email protected] or [email protected].

Grace Kelleher ‘20 Chief Operations Officer


Grace Kelleher is a first-year student from Wilton, Connecticut planning to major in Literature and Philosophy. In her free time, you can find her enjoying the California weather by the Scripps and Pitzer pools, or watching The Office, Friends, or Gossip Girl. You likely will not find her without a Motley iced latte in hand. As COO, Grace’s major goals are to increase transparency between the ASCMC Executive Board and the student body, keep the board running smoothly and efficiently, make sure all board members feel heard, included and happy, and try to engage all of CMC in the work of ASCMC. Shameless plug: Follow @a.s.c.m.c on Instagram and if you want to be featured or feature a friend, feel free to reach out to Grace @ [email protected] or 203-216-9906. Grace loves meeting new people and would love to meet for a meal or coffee anytime!

Josh Guggenheim ’19 Dorm Affairs Chair


Josh Guggenheim is a Management and Engineering major from Mill Valley, California. He loves 3D Printing, robotics, and spending time on Green Beach. When Josh isn’t geeking out, he enjoys watching TV shows, like Rick and Morty, Archer, and Westworld. Josh is ecstatic to serve as your ASCMC Dormitory Affairs Chair. He aims to engage dormitories in hosting more social events. Additionally, he plans to reallocate the dormitory budgets so that the residents that choose to effectively spend their allotment will have continuous funds to do so. Josh is always here to listen to you and welcomes any questions, concerns, and suggestions.

Chloe Amarilla ‘19 Clubs & Organizations Chair


Chloe Amarilla is a sophomore at Claremont McKenna College currently pursuing a dual major in Government and Economics. Her hometown is not far, in fact, she has lived in Claremont for most of her life and graduated from Claremont High School. Chloe comes from the house of Gryffindor and often finds herself debating on whether to have a Star Wars or a Lord of the Rings movie marathon. Chloe does not have much free time as she plays for the CMS Softball team, works at the new CARE center, and is the First Year Programs Intern for the second year in the row. She is extremely passionate about creating a welcoming environment on CMC’s campus. This year she hopes to help clubs on a deeper level and create more student engagement in the clubs on campus. She also hopes to create a better awareness of the 5C organizations available to CMC students. Chloe loves feedback and is always there to listen to new ideas or problems that she might be able to help solve!

Maya Love ‘20 Diversity and Inclusion Chair


Maya Love is a first-year student at Claremont McKenna College who is pursuing a dual major in International Relations and Economics. She was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado or as we natives say it, Colorful Colorado. At home, you can catch Maya biking or hiking with her brother and sister to find new and interesting things in the community. In her free time, Maya enjoys listening to music (top 3: ASAP Rocky, Rihanna, Whitney Houston) and reading poems and books from some of her favorite inspirational figures like Maya Angelou, Muhammad Ali, and Ruby Dee. Fun Fact:  She has a special folder dedicated to the greatest basketball games ever played, however, she enjoys playing the game more on the Women’s Basketball Team. It is not just Maya’s love for learning about other cultures that drives her to become a polyglot, but she believes that the more languages you know, the more opportunities you have to connect to the global world and do your part to help it. In three words she describes herself as honest, gregarious, and maybe just a tad too competitive. As Diversity and Inclusion Chair, she looks forward to creating events and programs that will highlight and promote the numerous identities on campus and create dialogue around them. Maya is excited for the year to come and invites any ideas, questions or corny jokes.

Alanna DeMuro ‘20 Event Commissioner


Alanna DeMuro is a freshman Computer Science and Government Dual major. Although she was born and raised in San Francisco, her family now lives in Wilson, Wyoming. She loves exploring the endless waterfalls, cliffs, and lakes in Wyoming, but you can just as easily find her shopping in Downtown San Francisco. In the little spare time she has, she loves traveling and going to the beach. In high school, she was an active member of her Model United Nations team and on three varsity sports teams: swimming, skiing, and soccer. She has continued her passion for swimming competitively at CMS as a proud Athena (‘sco nas!). In addition to the CMS Swim and Dive Team, Alanna is a contributing writer for the Claremont Radius. As a member of the ASCMC Executive Board, Alanna hopes to make events more inclusive, diverse, and FUN. She also wants students to stay at events whether that means offering more activities and games or changing up the themes. She wants to hear feedback and ideas from the student body, so feel free to reach out to any of the events crew!

Andrea Amaya ‘20 Event Commissioner


Andrea Amaya is an Economics major who has lived her life in a number of different places including Colombia, Canada, Florida, Texas, and California. As a result of moving so often, she has learned to love meeting new people and has grown to appreciate different cultures. Her favorite city so far is Burbank, California, where she currently resides, since she can play beach volleyball to her heart’s content, go on hikes with her dogs, and enjoy a “winter’s” day by relaxing outdoors in a hammock. She’s very outgoing and super pumped to be serving as one of CMC’s events commissioners. Some of Andrea’s goals as EC is to broaden the variety of events ASCMCC hosts, help increase ASCMC’s level of approachability, and finally make all events as fun and enjoyable as possible!

Lena Mersereau ‘20 Event Commissioner


Lena Mersereau is a freshman from Stamford, Connecticut, about forty minutes outside of New York City. Growing up, she had an array of interests—from karate, to competitive swimming, to acting, to student government—she loved being busy and a part of a team. She has a love for other cultures and has been lucky to live in France half of her sophomore year of high school and travel to roughly 30 countries with her wacky four siblings and parents. Because of this, she is excited to major in International Relations (and possibly dual major in Government) at Claremont McKenna. While she is an open book, with the slightest impression of being “covert”, Lena would love to work in intelligence one day. Lena is a huge history nerd, and in her free time, she likes to read Dan Brown books, binge historical Netflix shows, write poetry, and listen to music (preferably Drake or Chance). As an Events Commissioner, she hopes to uphold an inclusive, safe, and exciting social atmosphere, and hopefully introduce some new events to CMC this upcoming term.

Jesse Jennings ‘19 Event Commissioner


Jesse is a sophomore from Roswell, New Mexico, studying Economics, Politics, and Environmental Science. She loves to travel but, after leaving landlocked New Mexico, can’t seem to stray too far from the ocean. She loves to surf, and along with being an EC, she is the president of the 5C surf club and the surfing PE coach. As an EC, she wants to find a greater incentive for students to attend both wet and dry events and to genuinely enjoy them. Jesse loves meeting new people and learning about their life experiences. If you see her skating around campus, don’t hesitate to stop her to chat or ask about anything, but especially surfing, UFOs, or ASCMC events!

Reid Dickerson ‘18 Presidential Advisor for Mental Health & Wellness


Reid Dickerson, or Deid Rickerson to his friends, is from Nashville and ended up on ASCMC Executive Board because he got lost while looking for some pie. He studies underwater basket weaving and desserts. His hobbies include apple pie, pecan pie, chocolate pie and chess pie (his favorite). He is totally stoked to be on Exec Board this year and is excited to plan events like puppies, snacks, sardines (pseudo reverse hide ‘n’ seek) in the library, and more puppies (amongst other programming) to promote and de-stigmatize mental health and wellness. ^_^

Tanvi Gandham ‘18 Presidential Advisor for Sex+


As a self-proclaimed Seattelite (from the actual Greater Seattle Area), Tanvi Gandham has a startling affinity for the sun. She is a proud member of the Class of 2018 and is majoring in Economics-Accounting and Government. Tanvi spent the Fall of 2016 participating in CMC’s Washington D.C. Program. On campus, she works at her school’s Career Services Center, reviewing and editing resumes and cover letters for other students. Additionally, she leads the Claremont Turophile Society (look it up). She is an active and avid lover of food—eating it, cooking it, and watching it on TV. She is excited and honored to be a Presidential Advisor, charged with improving Sex Positivity and Consent Culture on campus.  

Jessica Winssinger ‘19 Presidential Advisor for Engaging CMC


Jess is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and PPE. She was born and raised in London, England, and moved to Arizona at the age of 10. She has a Belgian father (Class of ‘90) and a Korean mother, along with a younger brother and sister. The family’s newest addition is Lucy, a cockapoo puppy of 10-weeks-old—if you ask Jess for a photo, you will not be disappointed. On campus, she has worked as a CS grutor at Mudd, tour guide for Admissions, RA for the CIE, and a student representative in various committee work. She has previously served on Exec Board as Campus Organizations Chair. As Presidential Advisor for Engaging CMC, Jess hopes to hold ASCMC accountable to its goals of increased transparency, accountability, and student outreach. She hopes to see more collaboration with students for events and more student input in decision-making, along with a raised awareness of who ASCMC is and what they do. Ask her anything!

Pallavi Deshpande ‘19 Comptroller


Pallavi Deshpande is a sophomore from India majoring in Economics-Accounting with a sequence in Financial Economics. On campus, she can be found binging on Netflix in her room or reading a historical fiction novel. She loves to travel, eat, and read; ideally, she loves to do all three at once. As a comptroller, she audits ASCMC’s transactions and finances to ensure transparency and efficiency. She works closely with the CFO of ASCMC and the administration. She is responsible for monthly reconciliations, maintaining the Quickbooks account, and handling activities relating to revenues and expenditures for ASCMC. She is looking forward to helping the students gain better clarity in regards to the financial operations of the student government.

François Ries ‘19 Treasurer


François Ries is a sophomore pursuing a major in Economics-Engineering. François was born in Versailles, France but spent most of his life growing up in Switzerland. At CMC he works as a Cognitive Psychology Research Assistant, studying the relationship between memory and aging, and acts as a student representative for the Curriculum Committee. During his free time, you can find him working out at Roberts, watching football (the real name for soccer), following French politics, or reading The Economist with some Kanye in the background. Among his proudest achievement so far is to have never missed a single breakfast at Collins since his freshman year. Yes, it is possible. As a Treasurer, François hopes to help clubs make a better use of the resources offered. Don’t hesitate to contact him for any questions regarding the reimbursement process.

Julian Hernandez ‘19 Director of Student Security


Julian Hernandez is a sophomore studying Government from Los Angeles, California. Growing up in Koreatown, he became enamored with food. His love of food stems from being surrounded by KBBQ, Taco Trucks, Oaxacan restaurants, fruit stands, Korean Markets, Pupuserias, Chinese restaurants, and meals made by his family members (especially his Grandma’s Tamales). On campus, he works as a tour guide and a student assistant at the Children’s School located across the street from the Senior Apartments. Growing up in a public school system, he has developed a passion for education. He is pursuing a career in education and hopes to make a positive change to the public school system. With his new position, he hopes to ensure the smoothness of events by providing events with quality event staff members (who are all amazing individuals). When he isn’t in class you can often find him riding around on his penny board jamming out to tunes.  

Caroline Peck ‘18 RA Liaison

Caroline Forum photo

Caroline Peck is a Government major from Carlsbad, CA, and one of your new Apartments RAs! From the Senate Consortium Affairs Committee to Event Commissioner to RA Liaison, Caroline can’t seem to escape ASCMC, and looks forward to collaborating with the Exec Board over the year. (Though she is grateful to no longer have to move fences on Thursday and Saturday nights.) As an RA Liaison, Caroline hopes to foster effective communication between ASCMC, DOS, the RAs, and the student body. A firm believer in talking about politics at all times, Caroline is also a Research Assistant at the Rose Institute, and always welcomes a discussion about international affairs. Feel free to swing by her apartment next year to chat about gov classes, eat baked goods, or give her feedback about campus life.

Cristina Lee ‘18 RA Liaison


Cristina Lee is a PPE major hailing from Santiago, Chile. Returning for her third time on the ASCMC Executive Board, Cristina has already served as an Event Commissioner and Vice President of Student Affairs. In her free time, she likes to paint, work out, and eat good food; she’s always in for DTF. Aside from being the RA of Berger, she is the undisputed head of the Ryan Sung fan club (although Dean Sagafi has been vying for that position). Cristina is an Events Intern for the Office of Parents and Alumni Relations. She is excited to be back on Board because she dropped all other commitments (international student problems) besides being an RA and wants to still be #involved.