The Forum is excited to announce its newest board of editors! The new board is looking forward to working hard this coming year to help the Forum grow and improve, all while serving the student body as best it can. Please don’t hesitate to contact the following editorial board members with any questions or ideas you might have.

Editor-in-Chief Christina Yoh ’18


Christina Yoh is a rising senior from South Korea and Singapore, dual majoring in International Relations and Media Studies. Though 8,792 miles away from home, she managed to find her second family at Claremont as a Forum writer, and is excited to now be the head of the household as Editor-in-Chief. Her hobbies include fangirling over John Oliver, checking out the book section at Urban Outfitters, and eating a tub of ice cream in one sitting. Christina previously served as both News Editor and International Editor. Going forward, she hopes to introduce multimedia journalism to the Forum and increase the engagement of the CMC community with the publication. Feel free to reach out to discuss any Forum related ideas or suggestions at [email protected]!

Managing Editor Eric Millman ’18

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Eric Millman is a rising senior from Washington, D.C., majoring in Government and Economics-Accounting. When not getting involved in heated matches of Settlers of Catan or playing Rocket League with “the boys,” you can find him where the party’s at in a “Puck Fomona” tank. After three years working with the Forum in a variety of different roles, Eric is very excited to continue supporting lively, respectful discussion at CMC as Managing Editor.

News Editor Bhavika Anandpura ’19


Hailing from San Diego, Bhavika Anandpura is dual majoring in Religious Studies and Biology. As News Editor, she looks forward to making the Forum a trustworthy, readable, and slightly revolutionary publication. She enjoys dancing, playing with bubbles, and eating more than the recommended serving size of Nutella. Bhavika would also like to use this platform to apologize to anyone she has ever almost accidentally run into on her longboard. After almost two years riding it, she’s still getting the hang of it. Here’s looking ahead to a year of keepin’ it fresh with the Forum!

Life Editor Vera Armus ’18


Vera Armus is a rising senior majoring in Government and Anthropology. A West Coast convert, Vera left behind the frigid winters of her native NYC hometown in favor of the abundant Southern Californian sunshine, and now considers 70 degrees to be sweater weather. In her free time, Vera can be found reliving her track and field glory days by running at Roberts, stealing exorbitant amounts of Andes mints from Collins, and attending every cycle of Ath tea, Monday to Friday from 3-4pm. As Life Editor, she hopes to help generate content that will highlight many of CMC’s noteworthy features, particularly its food scene.

Opinion Editor Jake Hudson-Humphrey ’19


Jake Hudson-Humphrey, born and raised in Plymouth, Michigan, is a rising junior who is putting off declaring his major for as long as possible. Glad to have made the move to a warmer climate, Jake enjoys hiking, getting enough Vitamin D, and snowboarding in a T-shirt. He also loves reading, writing, meditating, and assembling fire Spotify playlists. One of his favorite songs is Petit Biscuit’s Sunset Lover. Jake will bring good vibes, indecision, and opinions to the editorial board. As Opinion Editor, he hopes to encourage more conversations about issues that matter to students at the Claremont Colleges.

Special Investigations Editor Connor Bloom ’19 

C. Bloom Headshot copy 2

Connor Bloom is a rising junior originally from Whitefish, Montana, who felt as though he needed to experience the world outside the small town he grew up in, resulting in him spending his high school years just north of Boston. Connor is a Science Management major with a focus in biotech, specifically genetics and genomics. When he’s not out hiking, running, biking, or triathalon-ing, he’s probably either tanning at the Scripps pool or spending all of his flex on matcha at the Motley. As Special Investigations Editor (whatever that means), Connor hopes to connect students to behind the scenes resources that will enable some hard-hitting reporting on topics that may otherwise fly under the radar.

Photo Editor Krystal Sung ’19


Krystal Sung is a rising junior who grew up and lives in Saudi Arabia, majoring in Economics. Although Krystal grew up in a desert, she experienced the cold winters of New England during high school and she is happy to be back in the sunshine. In the afternoons, you can find Krystal in the pool either swimming or playing water polo for the CMS team. Outside of the pool, you can usually find Krystal outside her suite lounging on some indoor-outdoor furniture. As photo editor, she aims to capture the many memorable moments of life at CMC.  

Copy Editor Amanda Daily ’19

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Coming all the way from the Bay Area (how original), Amanda is a rising junior majoring in Government and Film Studies (50% original). You can almost certainly find her passionately performing her way through Hamilton, defending the Warriors/Giants to all of the LA dwellers she’s surrounded by, or struggling to learn how to play the guitar she’s had for two years. After kicking grammar’s butt as one of the previous copy editors, she’s excited to continue the long fight against misplaced commas and poor word choice.

Copy Editor Alice Chen ’19


A Portland native and rising junior, Alice Chen is currently pursuing a dual major in Biology and Literature. In her second year as a copy editor, Alice will continue to serve as one of three safety nets for the Forum in hopes of improving the style and accuracy of all articles. When not copy editing articles, Alice can be found scoping out the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream selections at the Hub, eating it, or catching up on the latest Buzzfeed Unsolved mystery. You can also often catch her online shopping working diligently on her physics homework at her second home, also known as the Honnold Mudd Library.

Copy Editor Malea Martin ’19


Hailing from San Luis Obispo, CA — the land of mountains to scurry up, but also plenty of sea-level activities — Malea Martin is a rising junior dual majoring in International Relations and Literature with a sequence in Human Rights Studies. While not adding commas or correcting grammar as one of the Forum’s copy editors, Malea is either going for a run alongside her fellow Athena warriors, sipping nitro cold brew at the Motley, or lugging around the 3,000-page Norton Anthology of British Literature that all literature majors know too well.