With college decision letters just having been sent out, seniors across the country are making fools of themselves on Facebook. From the token “I’m going to college, everyone, like my status” to the more humble posts that only give away their new mascot, accepted students want to become a part of their prospective college community as soon as possible. All it takes to access these pages is a quick search on FaceBook with ‘[insert school here] Class of 2017’. Yeah, 2017. Does that make you feel old? The posts even reflect the general student bodies pretty well. Don’t believe me? This was on the CMC class of 2016 page:

“Hey this might be a silly question, but are there going to be any electric outlets on the WOA trips where you can charge your phone etc?”


Here are a few gems from other pages:

Carnegie Mellon University:

“If you’re a girl and you’re an avid toker or interested in becoming one, please message me.”


University of Southern California:

“Alright everyone, time to get real. I can’t be the only one who has been making trojan condom jokes like it’s my job these past few days. Please tell me that there are others who have a sense of humor comparable to a fourteen-year-old boy?”


George Washington University:

“i love mike’s hard lem”

(that’s the entire comment.)


Washington and Lee University:

“Do kids drink at w&l? How about marijuanas”


Elon University:

“Hope y’all have a wonderful valentines day! I know I won’t due to my boyfriend being in the hospital and all…
Yeah he’s suffering from no existence. *ba dum ching* #foreveralone”


Dickinson College:

“Anybody else like ice cream?”


University of Alabama:

“If anyone is interested in learning how to twerk or knows how to, I was talking to some people about starting a twerk team. Keep on twerking y’all”


Allegheny College:

“So any of you guys like music!?”


If these haven’t changed your mind about transferring, then maybe this will.