Room Draw 2011 has arrived and the Forum is your number one source for room draw information and live updates. We have  a map of the campus dorms and we will bring you up-to-date room selections and availability.  Stay tuned here all week as the Forum gives you the information you need for Room Draw 2011.

Rooms colored light blue are designated for males.

Rooms colored light pink are designated for females.

Rooms colored red are already chosen or retained.

Rooms colored light yellow are reserved for RAs.

Rooms colored orange are rooms where future RAs may live. Please note that these rooms are available but residents may be asked to move next spring.

Here is a complete list of the 2011 Room Draw numbers for your convenience.

Disclaimer: This is an informal map for informal planning purposes only. Visit Heggblade to view Housing’s official map. We do not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, scale, or orientation of the dorm representations below. Please be aware that the North/East/South/West orientations differ by dorm.


  • Helpful

    thanks so much for doing this guys

  • evan

    Where is the link for the APTs?

  • RA

    APTs doesn’t have a link. They’ve already chosen where to live.

  • Pod

    I think you may have colored in the Room Designation of Wohlford Pod wrong. There is currently a male RA of Wohlford and his room is in the Pod. I don’t think that they’re moving him and besides, Wohlford’s RA doesn’t have a room listed and the other RA designated room is in a female suite.

  • green

    The kids in Green 207 are not retaining.
    They are living in the apts.

  • Lady Gaga

    Blue Boy Pink Girl
    So Sexist

    • Yeah, but…

      It’s easier to differentiate than the reverse….

  • give Phillips some love

    We can dance until we die in Phillips!