Photo credit / Connor Bloom '19

An integral part of the 5C dining hall experience, brunch constitutes so much more than just the combination of breakfast and lunch. Served on Saturdays and Sundays, each dining hall has its own high points and staples. Whether you choose to feast on chilaquiles at Scripps, indulge in cinnamon buns from Collins, or devour a Pitzer omelet, The Forum is here to help you navigate the intricacies of brunch at the 5Cs.

Frank- Pomona

Although devastatingly only open on Sundays, brunching at Frank is something every CMC student must experience before graduation. Though making the ten-plus minute walk definitely takes some extra motivation on a Sunday morning, I can assure you that it’s most definitely worth the trip.

Featuring a wide variety of items, perhaps it’s the diversity of options that makes brunch at Frank such a remarkable experience. From featuring mozzarella, cheddar AND feta in their omelet bar selection, to offering mango, berries and coconut in addition to the usual fruit spread, Frank provides a multiplicity of brunch staples unavailable at other 5C dining halls.

Other Highlights:

Lox, 42nd Street bagels, muesli, cheesy bread, chocolate chip pancakes, pork buns

McConnell- Pitzer

Yes, Frank may win terms of diversity of cheeses offered. Sure, Scripps gives brunch-goers the option of tailoring their fillings. But at the end of the day, there is no other dining hall that matches the perfection that is a Pitzer omelet. By far the richest, silkiest and most satisfying omelet at the 5Cs, Pitzer just gets brunch classically right. Whether you stuff it with meat, pile it with veggies, top it off with salsa, or drown it in gooey cheese, this egg dish will not disappoint. Though lines can be (and most likely will be) notoriously long, a Pitzer omelet is most definitely worth the wait.

Other Highlights:

Chocolate bread pudding, coffee cake, cinnamon-sugar donut holes, smoothies, a consistent supply of tater tots, a wide variety of cream cheeses

Frary- Pomona

Offering “continental breakfast” beginning at 7:30 complete with items like cereal, fruit and bagels, Frary will be there for you in those moments when you simply cannot wait until 10:30. If you do opt to wait until brunch, however, they’re full brunch menu also proves to be quite solid.

Featuring avocado with their omelets as well as a solid selection of baked goods including cinnamon rolls, donuts, and pecan sticky buns, there are plenty of items that merit a trip to Frary.

Open until 1:00 pm, Frary will be there for you whether you’re an early riser or a late sleeper.

Other Highlights:

Potato croquettes, 42nd Street bagels, a wide variety of cream cheeses, Krave cereal, fried eggs, chicken and waffles, pancakes

Mallott- Scripps

With a made to order smoothie station where you can create your own refreshing fruity concoction, to an omelet bar where you can control the amount of fixings in your eggs, Scripps is the best place to feast if you want a customizable brunch experience.

Featuring cheesy eggs and chilaquiles at every meal, dank granola, and the best array of cereal out of any 5C dining hall, Mallott offers a very solid brunch selection that also won’t make you walk very far.

Other Highlights:

Chocolate chip scones, donuts, cheese blintzes, Nutella, french toast, oatmeal

Collins- CMC

If braving the walk to Frank is out of the question, and even Frary or Scripps are too much of a journey to handle, you’re in luck because believe it or not, Collins does actually have a substantially solid brunch menu. With chicken tenders and waffles at every brunch, baked ziti on Sundays, xxx-large cinnamon buns spanning the size of your face, and perhaps the cheesiest, most indulgent chilaquiles across the Claremont Colleges, you won’t be disappointed.

Serving smoothies and a variety of berries, Collins also offers light and refreshing fruit options.

Other Highlights:

Made to order omelet bar, warm chocolate chip muffins, cheesy eggs, mashed potatoes

Hoch- Mudd

If you’re able to conjure the energy to journey to Mudd, there are numerous notable options at the Hoch that’ll help you replenish your body after such a  strenuous walk. Serving Southern classics like buttery biscuits with gravy and belgian waffles with Georgia peaches, or even more internationally-influenced meals such as tofu-stir fry and cheese quesadillas, Hoch provides many tasty brunch choices that will leave you full and satisfied.

With sweets like seven-layer bars, chocolate chip cookies, and cream cheese swirl brownies, Mudd’s options also cater to Claremont’s chocoholic population.

Other Highlights:
Reese’s puffs, chicken nuggets, french toast sticks, herb-seasoned bread sticks, peach sour cream coffee cake