Now that Spring Break is over, it’s time to welcome the new RAs for the 2014-2015 year:


Elise Hansell (Appleby): Elise is a Philosophy and Predictive Astrology major who learned German to better conceal her embarrassing Texan accent. This past semester Elise lived in Germany where she nearly entered into a polyamorous relationship. Now that she’s back on campus, Elise has been reunited with her one true love–the Rose Institute of State and Local Government; some of her more recent projects include refilling the water in the Keurig machine (Team Coffee!). While Elise has lived the GBL for the past two years, she’s ecstatic about making moves to Appleby—just ask her about her idea for an Appalachian themed party, or her affinity for getting apple-sauced. Seriously though, don’t encourage her puns.



Josh Mittler (Boswell): Contrary to what some will claim, Josh Mittler is probably the nicest person on campus (sorry Remy and Ashraf). Josh was born and raised in Hong Kong, and saw his first hamburger when he came to CMC in 2011. He can be found casually zooming by on a bright pink (very manly) Sector 9 or using contraband bunnies to make friends. When he isn’t cooking scrambled eggs in I-Place for all of his friends, JMitt likes to practice case studies and pretend he isn’t a science major by studying Science and Management.  Joshykins also likes to spend his spare time thinking about how to implant nickname ideas into his friends’ minds so that it doesn’t seem like he made them up for himself. It’s no surprise that this man of many hidden talents, rabbit training being the most prominent, has integral roles in I-Place functions and ASCMC.



Allie Ruark (Green): This glamorous Southern Belle hails from the far off land of North Carolina, but you would never know it because she doesn’t talk about it all, ever. (She’s definitely not an UNC fan either.) At any given time Alpal can be found rolling through North Quad blasting Waka Flocka or looking at the newest post on 2 Chainz’s instagram. Although she has a sense of humor drier than your grandpa’s gin and suffers from chronic resting bitch face (it’s a real thing), Alpal is actually a softie on the inside and loves meeting new people. When she’s not busy getting yellow cards in her lacrosse games (Cali refs just can’t handle her, but let’s be real, who can?), you can find this psych/philosophy/leadership major spending way too much time in the library cafe or driving from her dorm to tea at the Ath and back. A NQ veteran, this green-eyed ray of southern sunshine is ready to bring her sassy, fiery attitude to the slopes of Green Beach.



Tess Hubbeling (Wohlford): Tessica/Tess/Testicle Hubbeling hails from apparently the only place worth living in Texas (Austin) and will never let you forget it. As the new RA of Wohlford, this blonde haired beauty can be found in the reading room at any hour complaining about how much PPE reading she has to do, or deleting all Facebook posts pre-2009 after she was personally victimized by a certain APTz RA. Tess’s hobbies include eating way too many gummy vitamins and over-analyzing everything. She may come off as a sweet Southern belle who will bake you anything you want, but this girl is as ferocious as they come and is ready to take her spot as the leader of the Wohlfpack.


1902042_10203131366227538_833908338_nAshraf Mathkour (Phillips): Hailing from the beautiful state of NorCal, Ashraf is probably the friendliest person on CMC’s campus (sorry, Remy). So friendly, in fact, that there is an absolutely 0% chance that he doesn’t already consider you to be his best friend, even if he hasn’t actually met you yet. He is currently majoring in International Relations and Economics with a Leadership Sequence, ensuring that there is absolutely no way that Ashraf will graduate on time. Ashraf spends his free time crooning The Weeknd, losing at Super Mario Strikers, and running the 800 and 400 (and occasionally pulling his hamstring) for the CMS track team.

RA Bio


Sarah Servin (Beckett): Sarah hails from the rainy but beautiful city of Seattle (original, right?). As the oldest of four siblings, she always watches out for everyone and gives awesome bear hugs, albeit more like a smaller bear. Sarah studies Government and Spanish, and can recite the entire U.S. Constitution in Spanish and the Mexican Constitution in English! Quiz her!  But she actually did study abroad in Mexico last semester and had a fantastic time. Sarah also is very active in politics here at the 5Cs, servin (get it?) as President of the Democrats of the Claremont Colleges during her sophomore year. She is also a tour guide and works at CCE. Sarah has mastered the art of combining awesomeness and sassiness day in and day out, and it really will serv (get it??) her well in this role! She is excited to move into Beckett and have an awesome year!


Danial Ceasar (Berger): Danial “with an A, not an E” Ceasar comes from the home of Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre and Venus & Serena Williams: Compton, CA. When not participating in dance battles or sing offs, you will usually find him living the very exciting life of a chemistry and psychology dual pre-med major. An ideal night for Danial includes solving chemistry jokes by candlelit dinner alongside his rubik’s cube and climbing on different structures around the 5Cs. You may still find him trying to live his dream of becoming a monk in the hills of Southeast Asia but all it takes to break his vow of solitude is pizza, hot wings and a recap of the latest Sherlock/Game of Thrones episode.



Elena Lopez (Crown Hall): When not waving the Texas flag high in the California breeze, Elena loves taking Facebook pictures like Miley with her tongue sticking out (we know Papa Lopez, we see them too). Hailing from Houston, Texas, this little filly loves watching Parks and Recreation while chowing down on the handful of lollipops she takes from Collins everyday. As a Government and Psychology dual major, Elena can sometimes be found working hard at the Rose, Hub, or CCE, but can most often be found frolicking the halls of Stark (who knew she actually never lived there?) Word is out that Elena can be bribed by chocolate covered strawberries and will get sassy right quick if she does not get her fair share at tea. Elena will don those flannel shirts and jackets (thanks Ben Baker) and daisy dukes rain or shine because she is a boss like that. Ya’ll better watch out, Crown’s got a new RA in town.


282541_2567951094353_2108123850_nDavid Leathers (Crown Hall): You can’t spell RA without david leAtherRs!! When David isn’t singing “Dark Horse” angelically, bringing an audience to tears in a UTL performance, flashing his winning smile at Condoleezza Rice at the Athenaeum, creating award-winning ryal-lab-worthy photography, inventing new business software, philosophizing/politicizing/economizing, or robertsing/daying/scholaring, and being a mother f***ing sorcerer you just might get a half hour to hang out with this gem and/or beg for a crumb of résumé advice from this Deloitte-bound overachiever.  David is a Seattle native and passionate about many things including pragmatism, teaching others to swear in Arabic, and his super hot long-distance girlfriend Olivia (back off, he locked that down like four years ago).  David cites former Beckett RA as the “inspiration, role model, and tea dealer” that motivated him to apply to be an RA too.  If you get a chance, be sure to make him do his trademark camel face for you and don’t be alarmed if he refuses to refer to C-hall as anything other than <3  Chad Hall <3   for the rest of his RA career.



Juetzinia Kazmer (Benson): Juetzinia Kazmer (Yoot-sIn-E-uh) is a sassy Math and Spanish major from Bezerkley, CA. So naturally, it’s only fitting that Juetz is a vegetarian / selective pescetarian—Athenaeum salmon holla @ yer girl! Juetzinia just got back from an amazing semester in Chile, which you should ask her about, but only if you have several hours to spare for the amazing flood of stories that will follow. If you knock on her door in Benson next year, Juetzinia will most likely be painting her nails and listening to Reggaeton. Stick around, and you might be lucky enough to hear about her Mayan heritage and tap into her never-ending supply of gummy bears!



Sam Perella (Marks): Samwise. Hailing from the Redwood Forest of Marin, Sam ate nothing but cream cheese and bagels for the first 10 years of his life. Nowadays, when he’s not busy wearing CMS on his chest and throwing heavy things really far for the Track and Field team, you can find him in his natural habitat Philosophizing, Politicalizing, and Economicalizing (he LOVES his PPE major, ask him about it). Maybe that’s why he is the RA of Marx hall… Although he looks big and scary and apparently has a black belt in some sort of martial art, it is still up for debate whether he could even hurt a fly…



Liza Farr (Stark): Liza Farr, known to friends and family as Lizard Fart, hails from Lawrence, Kansas where she grew up rooting for the Kansas State basketball team and expressing her everlasting love for Willie the Wildcat. Liza is an Environmental Economics and Politics major which basically means that she’ll get really, really mad at you if you ask her to drive you to the Mudd dining hall because it’s raining and it’s sushi night.  She can usually be spotted cleaning up red cups after party for, we can only assume, a massive shrine to the recycling gods in her dorm room.  A self-proclaimed kale and quinoa enthusiast, you’ll often find Liza at the hippest salad bars on campus mixin’ up the dopest vegetables.  She just got back from a semester studying abroad in Australia so feel free to talk to her about aboriginal culture, boomerangs, shrimp on the Barbie, or the natural golden blonde highlights running through her luscious hair.  Liza hopes to follow in her cousin K-Mac’s [former Marks RA] footsteps as “the hottest RA of all time, ever” and is excited to bring the responsible substance free party spirit to Stark Hall this Spring.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 3.10.07 AM


Andrew Levihn-Coon (Stark): Arguably the most interesting man in the world, Andrew Levihn-Coon uses his rippling muscles and wonderful disposition to fix bikes by day and fight crime by night. This gentle giant from Austin, Texas doesn’t really fight crime, but if he did, criminals beware! Instead of crime-fighting, Andrew spends his free time exercising (of course! Look at him!), riding his bike, and writing songs. To gain the respect of this beautiful gentleman, you’ll need to best him in a game of ultimate Frisbee or tickle his fancy with a Philosophical or Psychological debate. As a musically inclined fellow, Andrew looks forward to having jam sessions with anyone who can sing or play the piano in Stark lounge. He’s really excited to meet all of his new residents and have a great time with his new partner Liza down in the SQuad.



LillyBelle Deer (Fawcett): LillyBelle is SO STOKED to be Fawcett RA! Mainly because of the close proximity to Ducey pool where she swims and plays water polo for CMS. LilB is a Psych major who loves studying people almost as much as she loves her three pugs and sipping on boba tea. Her friends describe her as a super chill Honoluluian. Honestly, LilB is quite the catch, but forget about it, because if you hit on her, you’ll have to answer to her Stag.




Jackie Kroll (Auen): With perfect surfer-girl hair, sunkissed skin, and nerves of steel, Jackie surfs the waves of her native Southern California when she isn’t busy winning medals and throwing javelin and hammer for the CMS Track & Field team. Her aim is pretty good, but she has a heart of gold so there is no need to fear. J-Quellin studies biochemistry and wears hipster nerd glasses; yes, she’s practically Einstein. If not performing titrations and spectroscopies in lab at Keck, Jackie is ‘studiously’ chatting with her study buddies at Honnold-Mudd. BTdubs, she will probably also just casually find a cure to some disease one day. Be sure to ask her about her days as a competitive Irish dancer.


Miriam Cruz (Apartments): Miriam is originally from Japan…wait. No she’s not. You’re probably just confused because of allof her novelty Hello Kitty merchandise. Miriam is actually from STL and is DTL (down to learn). Whether it’s during PPE tutorial, or watching online Beyoncé tutorials with her former, and favorite roommate of ALL time, Elise Hansell, Miriam is motivated by her love of knowledge. If you want to get to know Miriam, just head on over to the Reading Room where she likes to giggle, chat, and hold her social hours. Next year, Miriam is really happy to be living in Senior Apartments where she plans on installing a sparkling water fountain!

1618522_10151977854028657_1028494267_nChase Pribble (Apartments): Chase hails from the promised land aka Salt Lake City.  And just to clarify up front, no, he is not a Mormon.  Chase transferred to CMC because he always wanted to take care of 150 belligerent seniors (plus friends) and he knew this wasn’t possible at the University of Rochester.  As a biology major, Chase has a lot of free time which he spends commenting on his friends’ embarrassing FB photos from 7th grade (self described as “your worst nightmare”), and watching sad Netflix movies. Chase is also very artistic, just ask him for a hip-hop dance lesson, or add him on snapchat for a 10 second Miley lip-sync performance (parental advisory: explicit content).  One fun fact about Chase’s artistic ability is that he can sing the entire Frozen soundtrack (disclaimer: it’s actually not such a fun fact if you’re watching Frozen with him).  Chase cannot wait for the many adventures that await in the apartments (lockouts?!?!) and already loves working with “his girls,” who affectionately call him “Mr. Mom.”  His dreams for the APTz next year include hiring elephants (his favorite animal) to help with move in, instituting try-outs to craft the perfect flag-football team and hosting the legendary beer Olympics.  His biggest concern for the apartments is deciding on a dorm color, as his last pedicure matched the purple in Phillips perfectly and he wants to don some APT spirit at his next pedicure.

Katie Trettenero (Apartments): 481320_10151720873090478_739910444_nHave you ever wondered who that girl dancing in the Collins line was? If she was wearing a plaid flannel and leggings, chances are you were looking at the APTz brand new queen, Katie Trettenero.  Trett hails from the city of Seattle (but has always secretly harbored a crush for Salt Lake City, but really who hasn’t?), and will make sure you know she’s from the actual city, not a “fake” Seattleite from a suburb (sorry, not sorry).  Coming in her sophomore year as a transfer from American University, Katie quickly cast aside her sorority girl background for the Stag/ Athena lifestyle she hopes to bring to the Apartments.  Katie is not only excited to deal with the current second semester Seniors (I see you Coug Den), but also looks forward to Dry Week with her awesome senior buddies.  If she isn’t hiking or camping (stereotypical Seattle hippie, amirite?), she is probably taking a seminar class on Gender Equality and dominating the class discussions.  Katie’s love for 2000’s hip hop is abundantly clear when considering her lockout policy, as she plans to demand one R Kelly or 50 Cent song rendition per lockout.  However, if you want to win over this Gov. major, the best way to her heart is through a Pitzer omelette, some excessive public dancing, and Chipotle cuddle sessions. Next year, look out for this gem arriving late to class, asking for spoilers while watching movies, and ignoring her bike so she can drive her sexy 53 year-old Ford Taurus to class.


  1. I am going to be breaking things and shouting obscenities in and around Marx every day until Spring break of next year.

  2. Too bad most people in this world care more about inane BS than the wonders of astronomy and other sciences. To think, we might be well on our way to travelling beyond our solar system by now…instead of in the middle of an epidemic of obesity, stupidity, and media control.

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