Is Scripps’ Taco Monday better than Frary’s Burrito Tuesday? Is Mudd Pasta Night really worth the trek, or should you just settle for sushi at Collins? Will your intense craving for warm cookies screw you over if you opt to go to Scripps on a Tuesday night?

If you’ve ever faced any one of these life-altering questions or are just too lazy to check the dining hall menus every night, here’s your solution: check out The Forum’s guide to dinner at the 5Cs.



Winner: Scripps

Known as “staco” night by some, Scripps’ taco dinner comes through for those moments when you just need Mexican food to start off the week. Complete with fixings like guac, salsa, queso fresco, chips, and Spanish rice, Scripps’ taco night never fails to disappoint.

Other Notable Items: Pasta bar, cookies (obviously)

Runner Up: Mudd

If you’re feeling particularly motivated, make the walk to Mudd to enjoy either the Hoch’s steak night or even their Korean bulgogi bowls.

Honorable Mention: Pitzer

Notable Items: Stir fry, garlic bread



Winner: Frary

Though you can find Mexican-style cuisine at the majority of Claremont’s dining halls on Tuesdays, Frary’s burritos and guac highlight the superiority in both quality and flavor.

Other Notable Items: Caesar salad, Philly cheese steak pizza

Runner Up: Pitzer

If you’re not ready to commit to an entire burrito, Pitzer’s Tuesday dinner is also a good way to get your taco fix.

Honorable Mention: Mudd

Notable items: Korean BBQ tacos, parmesan bread sticks, curly fries



Winner: Mudd

Hump Day = Pasta Day, no room for discussion. Choose your pasta base, pick your protein/veggies, smother it in sauce, and heap off your delicious concoction with a mountain of cheese to celebrate the midpoint of the week.

Other Notable Items: Flatbread pizza, cupcake bar

Runner Up: Scripps

If that uphill trek to Mudd is just too real, take a leisurely stroll to Scripps to feast on some Pho. If you’re still feeling the pasta, the lasagna at Scripps won’t disappoint either.

Honorable Mention: Pitzer

Notable Items: Mediterrenean grill, seasoned fries and wings, build your own nacho bar



Winner: Pitzer

By far the best option of the week, Pitzer comes through with ahi bowl, Burrushi (sushi-burrito), fried chicken caesar AND A.M. in the P.M. all in the same night. It’s almost too much too handle. Though it’s a shame that they don’t spread out these delicious options throughout the week, start off your Thursday night right and gorge yourself at McConnell.

Other Notable Items: Skirt steak, onion rings, red velvet brownie

Runner Up: Scripps 

While Pitzer may have detracted from the glory of steak n’ salmon night, Thursday nights at Scripps are still pretty dank. From your obvious options (steak and salmon), to mozzarella sticks, potatoes au gratin, and Asian stir-fry, Thursdays at Scripps always deliver.

Honorable Mention: Mudd

Notable Items: Chicken parm, Mongolian wok, lasagna, French toast sticks, Belgian waffles



Winner: Mudd

If you couldn’t brave the walk on Wednesday night, you have no excuse missing Create Your Own Pizza Night on Friday. Make it cheesy, meaty, or vegetable-y — the possibilities are endless.

Other Notable Items: Fajitas, stir-fry, butterfinger cinnamon-toast bar

Runner Up: Collins

While it may be surprising, Collins does have some Friday night claims to fame. With solid mac n’ cheese, juicy steak, and a rich chocolate fountain, it’ll keep you satisfied and you won’t have to walk very far.

Honorable Mention: Frary

Notable Items: Crab ceviche, garlic toast, tortellini, chicken parm



Winner: Mudd

On Saturday, your best bet is to sushi it up at Mudd. With other tasty options like naan, Madras chicken, and sundried flatbread pizza, Hoch comes through.

Other Notable Items: Greek pizza, yellow cake, pasta bar

Runner Up: Scripps

With the beef bulgogi bowl, a sundae bar, a burger bar, and salmon when it’s not even Thursday, Scripps is also a good bet for Saturday dinner.

Honorable Mention: Pitzer

Noteable Items: Pub grub



Winner: Collins

Before you denounce good ol’ Collins and declare this guide a sham, consider these two words: bread pudding. Sweet, buttery, and delicious, Collins’ bread pudding puts all other Sunday night desserts to shame. Top it off with fro-yo, smother it in nutella, or devour it in its pure and perfect state to get over your Sunday night blues. With other solid options including wok to order, Sunday nights at Collins are surprisingly pretty clutch.

Other Notable Items: Tomato and basil caprese salad, Philly cheese steak, breadsticks

Runner Up: Pitzer

If you’re still kind of skeptical about Collins, head over to Pitzer and build your own burrito. If you’re craving Italian food, they also have baked ziti.

Honorable Mention: Frary

Notable Items: Mac n’ cheese, BBQ pork ribs, biscuits