30 things you HAVE to do before you graduate CMC, brought to you by The Forum’s Editorial Board.

  1. Go to Scripps tea.
    Two words: Bread.Pudding.

  2. Watch a sunset from 4th floor Kravis.

  3. Dance on-stage at Piano Piano.

  4. Enjoy the outdoors more often.
    Have a picnic on Green Beach, chill by the fountains, or take advantage of Scripps pool hours.

  5. Pose a question at an Ath talk.

  6. Eat a meal at a dining-hall alone (and don’t put headphones in).

  7. Go to Skyspace, a public art installation on Pomona’s campus (just east of Millikan) that features a sunset light show and trippy colors every hour after sunset.

  8. Watch an ASCMC Exec Board meeting from Walker Beach! On Sundays at 7 p.m., stand on Walker Beach (west of Frary) facing north and look for the illuminated room made of glass.

  9. Go to the Pitzer Outback, a nature preserve (in the northeasternmost part of the campuses) just big enough to make you feel like you’re off campus.

  10. Go to an a capella concert/semester show.
    Whether it’s SCAMFest or an end-of-semester concert in front of Frary, go support Claremont a capella groups like After School Specials and The Claremont Shades as they make noises with their mouths. It’s such a college thing.

    After School Specials
  11. Do a Claremont brewery or pub or bar crawl.
    You have full artistic (alcoholic?) freedom, but confirm these hidden gems of Claremont: Claremont Craft Ales, LAST NAME Brewing, Black Watch Pub, El Ranchero, The Whisper House, Casa 425. Extra points if you attempt The Press’ Trivia on Tuesdays, the $11 beer flight at CCA, and dollaritas at El Ranchero.

  12. Camp out at Joshua Tree.

  13. The Grove at Pitzer.
    Ask Amanda Daily where it is! (But don’t ask her when it’s open!)

  14. Actually get a chocolate-covered strawberry from Ath tea.

  15. Join the intramural basketball team.

  16. Survive a Power Yoga course.
  17. Go to art exhibits and concerts at the other Claremont Colleges.

  18. Blast your favorite song in The Cube (probably after everyone has left and it’s dark and quiet).
  19. Lay in the middle of Parent’s Field and discuss life, or eat pie, or light a flying lantern (preferably at night and with best friends).

  20. Take the extra food from Collins and the Ath to a shelter in Pomona. Even if you can’t drive, you can always be a copilot!

  21. Do a one-month challenge where you complete every single survey that a Psych student posts.

  22. Drinner.

  23. Take a non-major class at another college.

  24. Go to Jay’s place.

  25. Ride the seals in Seal Court.
  26. Try every drop-in workout class at Roberts.

  27. Have a suite (or hallway) sleepover.

  28. Take a photography or ceramics class.

  29. Go on Ski Beach day, whether it’s the official one sponsored by ASCMC or an impromptu one with your friends.

  30. Write an article, whether it’s a news piece, or an op-ed, for the CMC Forum.