With this year marking a lot of campus-wide transparency to sexual harassment and assault cases that have occurred on campus, it has become incredibly evident that the 5C community needs to take a stand towards preventing these cases. In an effort to equip students that wish to help fight against sexual harassment, assault and other forms of violence on campus, a team of Claremont Consortium employees have emerged to bring a bystander training program for students. This program is called “Teal Dot Bystander Training.”

In order to understand the origins of this training program, I spoke to Dean Eric Vos, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life at Claremont McKenna College and part of the development team for this training program. The Teal Dot program originated from another, nationally known violence prevention training program, Green Dot, a program that originated at the University of Kentucky. The Green Dot training program focuses on preventing the “red dots” that are happening across the world and turning them into “green dots.” These “red dots” are circumstances when someone is using some form of power to inflict harm, violence or fear onto someone else. Examples of these situations include, but are not limited, to domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault/harassment, and so forth. The goal of Green Dot is to give bystanders who participate in this training the tools and confidence to help prevent these “red dots.”

Last May, fifteen employees from the Claremont Consortium went to a four day training program at University of California, Irvine for this Green Dot training. At this training, colleges and communities from all over the country came to take part in this bystander intervention training. A colleague of Dean Vos mentioned to him that Green Dot is a program that is “great for big schools, but hard to pull off at small one’s.” This training program inspired the Claremont group to form a launch committee to bring a program of this sort to the Claremont College community. In the fall, this committee was formed. In order to accommodate for student schedules while giving student participants the tools they need to become effective bystanders, the normally seven to eight hour training program was shortened to three and a half hours. The color of the program was also changed from green to teal, a color that is associated with sexual assault awareness, one of the many areas of power violence that will be covered by the training.

Teal Dot training will start this week on February 21st and is a three and a half hour session. In these sessions, participants will gain the skills necessary to recognize potentially dangerous situations and safely intervene to prevent violence on campus. This program will be an informative and interactive session. This program hopes to expand over the coming years to allow all students who want to take a stand against campus violence to become trained in this intervention program and gain the tools necessary to be an effective bystander who can intervene in these situations. Dean Vos mentioned that the colleges are looking to develop this training for students, faculty, and staff while hopefully incorporating this very important information into future first-year orientations.

Below you will find dates and times for the upcoming training sessions.  All sessions this semester will include students from all 5Cs and will be facilitated by Student Affairs staff from the 5Cs and CUC.  As space is limited in each session, you will need to RSVP to reserve your spot in each session. Future dates will be available for this training. Here are the steps to register for a session:

  •  Login to your school’s Portal site
  •  Click on the “CollegiateLink” tab at the top
  •  Create a “CollegiateLink” account if you do not already have one
  •  Once you are logged in to CollegiateLink, click on the respective RSVP link below for the session you want to attend
  •  An alternative option is to go to the Teal Dot organization page on CollegiateLink and click on “Events” to see available  training dates

Upcoming Teal Dot Training Programs:

Friday, February 21st – 1:30-5:00pm

Location: Tranquada Multipurpose Room

RSVP Link:

Saturday, February 22nd – 12:30-4:00pm

Location: Smith Campus Center 208, Pomona

RSVP Link:

Thursday, February 27th – 6:00-9:30pm

Location: Founders Room, Bauer Center, CMC

RSVP Link:

Friday, February 28th – 1:30-5:00pm

Location: Vita Nova 100, Scripps

RSVP Link:

Below is the team that makes up the Teal Dot 5C Launch Team. If you have any questions about this training, please e-mail one of the members below.

Ellie Ash-Bala – [email protected]

Frank Bedoya – [email protected]

Moya Carter – [email protected]

Desiree Flores – [email protected]edu

Evetth Gonzalez – [email protected]

Angelica Ibarra – [email protected]

Eric Vos – [email protected]

Chris Waugh – [email protected]

Elizabeth Wilmott – [email protected]