In honor of some fashionistas of CMC’s past (ladies that wore it even when they were wearin’ it) I’m going to serve up a little style knowledge because everyone needs another source of procrastination… and because, like, culture.

Despite the fact that it’s New York Fashion Week and the runways have officially taken over my Instagram (yes, I just said that), this week I’m far more interested in the sartorial mavens here at our beloved CMC. Move over New York, Claremont is having a style moment (actually New York wins, but keep reading…)

While the spirited guests at last weekend’s 5th Annual Wedding Party were fiending for cake and vibing on the nuptial ambiance in the form of dance floor romance, I was scouting for this year’s best dressed.

Black and white prints
Gal pal b/w print coordination. Floral and geometric black and white patterns make this classic color combo be all like, “look at me, I’m hip!”

Color & Culture
Seriously, someday I will wear a sari. I loved seeing these colorful celebratory pieces on Saturday. Major style lust for Shriya Ravishankar ’14 and Kimaya de Silva ’17.

Classy Texture Combo
Baby blue eyes over here with the navy velvet blazer and wool vest/tie combo. Bonus points for eye color to shirt-matching and unexpected media mixing – you go Owen Foster.


Subtly Sexy
Black sheer mixed with bold colorful prints on Melanie Paty and Megan Patterson.


Until next time, CMC!


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