Eric Van Wart ’14 contributed reporting

There once was a time when, if you found yourself tensely hovering over your laptop in the dark on Valentine’s Day, you were doing something that they insist I’m not allowed to write Forum articles about. However, this February 14th, Netflix is releasing the entire second season of its highly acclaimed series House of Cards – a change of pace, but one that has the potential to be just as stimulating.

So, in celebration of this festive occasion, we’ve created a drinking game. A tad unorthodox for the Forum, but hey, the Golden Antlers can’t have a monopoly on edgy journalism.


The rules are as follows.

Take a drink (sip if you’re sane, shot if you’re a bonafide alcoholic) every time:

1)   Frank Underwood addresses the camera. Turn down for what?

Kate Rooney

2)   You discover that Kate Mara’s (Zoe Barnes’) sister is the girl with the dragon tattoo, AND/OR that Janine Skorsky (Constance Zimmer) is actually Dana Gordon from Entourage (cleverly disguised as the worst person ever).





3)   Frank has infinitely more swag than the President.







4)   Some chump insists that the British version is far superior to the  American one, AND/OR that the show is “ushering in the new era of television.”






5)   You’re baffled by the hole in Robin Wright’s neck, but think she may have had a tracheotomy.






Frank Ribs

6)   Frank goes buckwild on a rack of Freddy’s ribs. And by no means do you blame him.







7)   Frank is inexplicably erging in his basement. A pull for a pull! Is he working off the ribs?

8)   You minimize Netflix to look at pictures of either your ex or Kate Upton/Ryan Gosling (refer to introductory paragraph).

9) You quietly lose faith in our government!


And finally, for the pièce de résistance:

10) If you watch the entire season in one day, drink everything: either to celebrate, or to escape from the realization that you had enough time to watch the entire season in one day.


  1. This is a terrible drinking game. I don’t think that you have ever played a drinking game before.

  2. A much better drinking came, would be “drink every time someone lies in the episode. “. You are a champ if you can make it the entire episode.

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