What’s a better excuse to make bad decisions than going to TNC on Valentine’s day? Better yet, why not kick it off a little early and find your long lost love at Pub? Despite these good ideas, the advent of a new mobile phone app that is sweeping campus—tindermight be the answer for the less adventurous of you out there.

For those who are not in on the perverse app loop, tinder is a mobile phone app that connects you with people you think are attractive. The application links with your Facebook, and as you open the page, you are faced with another tinder user near your location, after which you “like” or “pass” someone—that is to say, you deem them attractive or not.

How could it go wrong? I mean, you’re only talking with complete strangers… Complete strangers… Let that sink in.

If you still have faith in tinder, here’s some inspiration for how to start a conversation:


  1. Tinder is okay, but when I’m drunk and the midnight rule is about to kick in I prefer to use Bang With Friends.

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