Although Claremont is a wonderful place, after enough time it can start to feel stale. As much as I love the CMC bubble, there are some things left to be desired. If you’re feeling a little bored with your usual routine, check out these hidden gems around the 5Cs that can spice up your life.

Scripps Library: Now, you’re probably sitting at your computer saying “Scripps has a library?” Yes, they do. According to Scripps students, this is nothing out of the ordinary; however, to anyone else, it is quite surprising that this place exists. The Ella Strong Denison Library is located adjacent to Columbia Avenue. Beautifully adorned with carved wood features and even a stained glass window, the library provides a perfect, quiet place to study while creating the perfect Instagram with the caption referencing Hogwarts!

Pomona Living Room: Another fabulous place to study, conveniently located above the Coop! A cozy, fireside room decorated similarly to the Kube, but it has slightly more comfy seating arrangements and doesn’t lead to awkward eye contact with passersby or the feeling of being trapped in a fish bowl. The bright interior provides a great area to read, do homework, or relax with friends.

Pit Stop Cafe: If you are ever sick of the Motley and its paper mache, head on over to Pitzer for their take on coffee. Situated in Bernard Hall, the Pit Stop has a wide array of coffee and drinks, as well as lots of different food options. It’s similar to the Mudd Starbucks in its selection, however the feel is less industrial. So grab a latte, sit outside and enjoy that SoCal sunshine.

Mudd Starbucks: The second and final coffee-related place on this list is the beauty that is the Mudd Starbucks, also known as “The Cafe.” Although knowledge of the Mudd Starbucks is widespread, few who I’ve talked to have actually made the trek up north. It is exactly like a regular Starbucks, except it’s under a different name. You could even get a holiday themed drink around November and December. Side note: I consumed an unhealthy (and shameful) amount of peppermint mochas once I discovered that fact. If you are feeling adventurous and don’t mind the walk, this is my favorite hidden gem on the list.

Reading Room Crocker Presidential Signature Collection: In the midst of procrastinating for an essay in the reading room, my eyes were mindlessly wandering around the room when something caught my eye. Behind me, was that the signature of THE James Madison of the Federalist Papers? Why yes, yes it was. Besides sending a Snapchat selfie of me and the signature, I admired the fact that every president’s John Hancock was there, from George Washington to George W. Bush.

Pomona’s Organic Farm: I first heard of this place when my friend stumbled through it trying desperately to find the soccer field. It strives to promote and create a better understanding of sustainable food practices. The farm is run by Pomona with several workshops are run there; fruits and vegetables from the farm are also sold. It is an excellent place to just wander and get lost with your thoughts.

So don’t be a stranger and venture out past your comfort zone. Who knows, you may find a new favorite spot or learn something new.


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