About Us

About Us

The Forum was founded by ASCMC to provide affiliates of Claremont McKenna College a medium for exchange of ideas. Over the years, the paper has become a source of reliable news and procrastination-friendly entertainment of the CMC variety. In 2013, The Forum officially separated from ASCMC.

The Forum is always looking to grow and improve our content, and interested students should feel free to contact us at any time. The Forum is especially seeking students who are interested in helping with web development.



Bhavika Anandpura ’19


Managing Editor

Amanda Daily ’19


Photography Editor

Krystal Sung ’19


News Editor

Alice Chen ’19


Opinion Editor

Jake Hudson-Humphreys ’19


Life Editors

Skyler Addison ’21

Robert Cain ’21


Copy Editors

Mrinalini Bhushan ’21

Jessica Kim ’20


Web Manager

Christopher Hu ’21


Business Manager

David Ying ’21

Staff Writers

Connor Bloom ’19
Grace Kelleher ’20
Anna Green ’21
Amanda Huang ’21
Bianca Carrizal ’20
Chahat Kaur ’21
Henna Lakha ’20
Lily Cohen ’20
Simran Arora ’21
Sabrina Hartono ’21
Skyler Sallick ’21
Sofia Trigo ’20
Shanil Verjee ’21



Joshua Graves ’20


Editors Emeritus

Christina Yoh ’18

Haley Goodman ’17

Shannon Miller

Tess Hubbeling ’15

Ana Kakkar ’14

Caroline Mimbs Nyce ’13

Heath Hyatt ’12

Michael Wilner ’11

Carl Peaslee ’11

Abhi Nemani ’10

Josh Siegel ’10

Ross Boomer ’09








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NOTE: As of April 8, 2015, anonymous commenting has been disabled. Read more on this here. The following Rules of Conduct continue to apply.

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